Flat Fee Listing Advantage - $499

Save Thousands of Dollars in commission fees when Selling Your Home

With Phoenix Flat Fee Listing Advantage, you get more than just an MLS listing:

  • MLS Marketing

    Your home listed in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service(MLS) accessed by ALL Realtors® in the area. Get your home listed and then let the Realtors® sell it for you! In addition, your listing will appear on our Phoenix Listing Service.
  • Internet Marketing

    Your home will be listed on Realtor.com, Google Base, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Yahoo.com, and numerous others in addition to all the local real estate company websites. Let the web work for you by having your home and photos of your home available to every buyer in the country.
  • PhoenixRealtyNC.com Marketing

    We focus locally. Anyone searching for a home in the Triangle will inevitably visit our site. In addition, our website hosts more pictures than MLS - photographs are critically important in attracting and retaining the buyer's attention
  • Appointment Services

    You're home will receive a lock box and access to a broad scheduling service called the Centralized Showing Service (CSS). Realtors can easily and securely schedule times to show your home that are convenient for you.
  • Promotional Services

    An attractive Phoenix Realty Sign will be placed in the yard that will draw attention in a good way.
  • Comparative Market Analysis (Comps)

    We provide market research that includes looking at local home sales of past and present, as well as current competition in order to give your home the best selling price valuation.
  • All of this comes with the oversight of your MLS listing by an experienced, local Realtor.

Benefits from Phoenix Realty's Flat Fee Service:

  • No Commission Fees

    You are not responsible for any Listing Agent fees. You only pay whatever commission is required for the Buyer's Agent.
  • Easy Change

    You can switch to our Full Service Listings and the original fee will be refunded at Closing as long as the you decide during your active listing period.
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