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Serving the triangle area which includes Wake County, Orange County, Durham County, and Chatham County. Specific cities are Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Pittsboro, Hillsoboro.

Essential Information for Sellers

1. Obtain a market analysis from a professional -- like us!

2. Price the house accurately.

3. Prepare the house to show well both on the inside and outside.  Make sure the interior of your home is presentable, but don't forget to tidy up your front lawn as well as your backyard.

4. Leave the house sounding and smelling good before a buyer arrives.  Don't just focus on appealing to the visual aspects of prospective buyers - be sure your property is pleasing to all the senses! Play quiet, relaxing music to appease the ears, such as classical or jazz. Make sure your house smells inviting, as well! For instance, if you have dirty laundry lying around, be sure to place potpourri sachets nearby, or use room spray.  And don't cook fish or peppers before a showing.

5. Stay away when a buyer comes to visit the house. Allow and trust that the realtor will present your house well.  Remember that the Realtor will profit from the sale as well.

6. A good relationship with your agent is a necessity! Trust and open communication between the agent and seller are crucial for success.

7. If your house does not sell in your anticipated time frame, do not become upset. Analyze the market to determine possible reasons for poor sales.

8. When an offer comes, be prepared to negotiate with the buyer... do not turn him/her down.

9. After the house is under contract, and after the inspection, be sure to fulfill the buyer's repair requests.

10. Upon finding a new home, do not move anything out of your home until the buyer's loan is officially approved.

11. After receiving word that the buyer's loan is approved, move, clean your property, and attend the closing, or have your agent represent you there.



Four Basic Principals to Selling Your Home Quickly

1. Correct Pricing - Diligent evaluation of your home neighborhood and positioning of it with its respective competitors will deliver a buyer for your home.

2. Exposure - Local MLS plus today's vast advertising venues such as the Google Search for real estate is a must. Local newspaper has not gone away so you may also want to be there. Any alignment with area real estate lisings and publiciations will ensure the best chance of quality exposure.

3. Curb Appeal - You do this to captivating the buyer's eye. Anything that distracts the buyers should be removed. Fresh, springlike flowers and attractive landscaping will help make your home a standout.

4. Interior Preparation - Use abundantly fresh paint on old walls. Wipe every light bulb twice to get a clean look effect. De-clutter everything that does not belong. Store away unused clothing, furnitures, and appliances. Most buyers spend less than 30 second in the garage, so use that space wisely.


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